We want to be a part of your pregnancy journey!

you don’t have to do this alone

An unexpected pregnancy can be scary, especially if you’re single. It’s normal to feel lost and alone and even a little afraid. We’re here to help. We work with Embrace Grace Inc. to provide faith-based support groups that include a free baby shower to help you as you begin this new journey.


I’m not really single, I still have a boyfriend. can i still Join a group?

Yes. Embrace Grace is for unmarried young moms. You will meet girls with boyfriends, and some do not have the father of baby involved. Either way, it's the perfect group for you. 

Are the leaders of this class going to judge me and my situation?

You don't have to worry about judgment or stones. The leadership team will always be a safe place to share your thoughts and struggles as they encourage and uplift you. We all have a past, we just want to pass along the grace God gives freely to us. 

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