Options Counseling

If your pregnancy test is positive, you may have a difficult decision to make. Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming. That is why knowing where to go for help is important. Talk to someone you can trust – we have caring people available to help you through this difficult time. Call us for a confidential appointment so we can discuss all of your options



Becoming a parent is a major step in an individual’s life. As you consider this option we can walk you through the questions you’ll need to consider. For example, “Can I afford to parent?” or “Will I be able to stay in school?”



Making an adoption plan offers you many choices. You can select a family and your level of involvement. The decisions are yours. We can help you think through the issues and possibilities available to you.



Since abortion is a medical procedure, you owe it to yourself to gather accurate and complete information. We can discuss the different types of abortion procedures with you and the risks associated with each. WPC may also be able to offer you a free ultrasound exam to give you the facts you need prior to making a decision.