She just told you she’s pregnant…

It’s very natural that you are experiencing a wide range of emotions upon finding out you might be a father. These emotions may be very different from what she is experiencing and you may feel like you have no where to turn. Women’s Pregnancy Center is not just for women - we offer services for you as well.


Your role

  • It’s okay to admit you have fears, at the same time remember that she has fears as well.

  • No matter what - she needs to know she’s not alone and that you’re there for her.

  • Be proactive in getting truthful information about your options from a trusted source.

what to expect

When you visit WPC with the mother of the baby for a pregnancy test, she will be taken back by herself at the beginning of the appointment. We want you to know we’re glad you’re there and there may be a chance for you to join her later in the appointment. However, you can call and schedule your own appointment with Clint, our Men’s Coach. He can help you talk through your fears, concerns, and options.



we can help

We understand that when it comes to pregnancy, men sometimes feel like they don’t have a voice. We want to be a place where you feel heard and to give you the support you need, regardless of what she chooses. If you choose to parent we offer parenting classes where you will find mentors and peers to come alongside you as you begin this journey of fatherhood.

For more info or to set up an appointment with our Men's Coach, contact Clint at 352-629-2811.