Adoption Support

Women’s Pregnancy Center is not an adoption agency, instead we have trained adoption advocates who will walk a birth mother through their adoption plan, continuing to support her during pregnancy, birth and even postpartum.


we support you as you make DECISIONS about:

  • The amount of communication and openness you want in your adoption plan

  • Choosing adoptive parents

  • What time in the hospital will be like

  • Finding the right agency

You Have Control

The thought of making a plan for adoption can be very overwhelming for many. Often times, many people have heard stories about what adoption used to be like. Unlike many closed adoptions in the past, birth moms now have a lot more choices and control than many realize.



you don’t have to do this alone

Placing a child with adoptive parents is a deeply personal decision but is a challenge to do alone. We recognize that no one birth mother is alike, each has their own story and life circumstance. Our adoption advocates will be right by your side as you walk through each step of the process and will be there to support you as much as you would like.